Motion sensor for bus baggage compartment

Sometimes people get stuck in the bus baggage compartment, and if it's a long trip can be dangerous, in case like that you should call the police.

If there was a motion sensor in the trunk he could highlight the driver that someone in the trunk.


apron for rhinitis when you ride your bicycle

When riding a bike, and I suppose a motorcycle, and cold outside then there rhinitis.
It's a little hard to blow your nose while riding and it's not always convenient to use a scarf nose, because it's hard to breathe.
I propose to make a kind of apron to snot and boogers come to and stay there (like an apron of babies that are kind of pocket).


A device that tracks diapers changing and warns that there is something wrong

When a new baby is born , he does not know how to speak, and the way he knows to communicate is crying, crying can say many things.
We have more ways to know if there is something wrong , and that according to what there is in the diaper.
We need to track how many times a day he pees , and how long his last excrement was.
This can be done manually , taking notes , but because parents are willing to pay a lot of money for babies, the person that will prepare this device will gain a lot of money.


Website that compare weather forecasts

If you look online, you'll find several sites that will give the weather forecast.
Each forecast is a little different , there are good weather forecasts and there are bad weather forecasts as well.
Sometimes one weather forecast is good to a certain place and a different weather forecast is good for elsewhere.
Sometimes one weather forecast is good for that particular season ( specific synoptic situation ) and another weather forecast is good for a different season .


Forecast of the temperature for staying in the sun not only in the shade

The forecast brings us the temperature that we fell if we stay in the shade, it is good for many situations
When we are in the sun, sometimes the wind will blow from shady then change the temperature in a great way.
It is easy for the weather forecast people to give the temperature in the shade because this temperature affect the weather.
I think someone should write a plugin to tell (on Weather Forecast) the temperature in the sun (in addition to a temperature in the shade) for those people who work in open fields.


A home urine test

This idea is designed for hypochondriacs, but not only.
Why are we able only to check your blood pressure and weight at home?
It's time for us to do more medical tests.
Urine testing gives us a lot of information, and part of it we can easily test at home.
The idea is to build specialized toilet that do a urine test, so every morning and evening we monitor our health.
It can also make the toilet tells us by the color of the water if we must drink or we can continue as usual.
Feel well


Automatic medical panic button

When there is a medical problem we should contact a professional as soon as possible.
There are panic buttons that you can wear them on the hand, and when you feel bad you can click them. Then a contact is made automatically with a medical center.
Also it is known that there are watches that measure your pulse and heart rate.
When the heart rate or pulse falling / rising quickly it shows that there is a medical problem and a possibility of fainting then it is important to quickly reach medical staff.


Suffocation meter

Sometimes we come to visit a relative or friend that his house is suffocating because of all the windows are closed.
Old or sick people sometimes do not notice that the house is suffocating and it is dangerous.
The idea is to build a device that alerts when the oxygen level in the declines.


Lowering headlamps automatically

When we are driving on dark nights, we usually use high headlamps to see larger distance.
The problem begins when a vehicle comes from the opposite direction and we do not want to blind him temporarily.
Sometimes we do not manage to lower the lights in time and is a bit blinded and it's really dangerous.