A sign for messages between drivers

When we drive, we sometimes pass dangerously because we have not pay attention. This makes the other driver nervous, and it's dangerous to get nervous on the road.

Today there is no simple way to tell the other driver anything. If it is possible to notify the second driver a message, everything will be better.

The idea is that it is possible to put a billboard on the vehicle, and each time to write another message electronically. 


car sublet protector

To rent your car to someone else becomes a trend. We do not use our car all the time, so why not earn money at this time. It could be during work hours or in the evening.

Just google "rent my car" and see how many options do you have.

We can rent our vehicle even for a few days, then problems can arise, for example, they travel with our vehicle on dirt roads, and not all vehicles are built for it, and therefore we should say explicitly that the vehicle should not be used on dirt roads. But how will we know it ?


elevator app

Imagine that you come with a lot of bags from the supermarket and do not have a free hand to press the button of the elevator, or you just rush to the restroom, but it will take a minute for the elevator to come. Or maybe you are at home and you just don't want to wait for the elevator to comes and you prefer it would wait for you.

This is exactly why you need an app that invites the elevator, the app can act if you press a button or it will recognize that you approach the building and invite the elevator automatically.


Spherical mirror that help the driver.

When we want to turn right or left with the car, we do not always have enough visual field so we need to move the vehicle forward into the road so we can see better, thus the front of the vehicle will be in the road and it will interferes the movement and it can be even dangerous.
The idea is to add a spherical mirror (a mirror in a shape of a ball) at the front of the vehicle (for example, the place where the icon of Mercedes) or two side mirrors.
Obviously we can add two small cameras that are connected to the screen in new vehicles.


Motion sensor for bus baggage compartment

Sometimes people get stuck in the bus baggage compartment, and if it's a long trip can be dangerous, in case like that you should call the police.

If there was a motion sensor in the trunk he could highlight the driver that someone in the trunk.


apron for rhinitis when you ride your bicycle

When riding a bike, and I suppose a motorcycle, and cold outside then there rhinitis.
It's a little hard to blow your nose while riding and it's not always convenient to use a scarf nose, because it's hard to breathe.
I propose to make a kind of apron to snot and boogers come to and stay there (like an apron of babies that are kind of pocket).


Camera to identifying the optimal lane in traffic jams (periscope for cars)

You drive on the road and there is a traffic jam, sometimes the right lane is faster and sometimes the left lane is faster and you do not know which lane to choose (and it is clear that according to Murphy's Law You will be in the slower lane)

Sometimes the reason for the traffic jam is a car that stuck in one lane, but you do not see the stuck vehicle, other vehicles conceal that for you, and if you could see it you will be able choose the faster lane. (Sometimes one lane is faster for a short time and it is misleading)


Wireless transmission of the color in traffic lights.

It would be good thing if traffic light will transmit wirelessly their own situation, if the traffic light is red or green, and in how long it is going to be changed, it will be good for smart cars that would know whether to slow down before the stop light or not, and it would be also good if we have traffic lights after a curve and we are not always able to see them and we always slow down,so if we will know this we will use the right speed.
A smartphone app you can also get the data.


Traffic forecast

Today we are check the GPS or WAZE to know how long it will take to get from one place to another place. The software checks which way to go through, what is the speed limit and whether there are traffic jams. The conditions of the road are changing over time and therefore the travel time prediction is updated, but not in a smart way. Sometimes we have to travel three hours until we get to the traffic jam and then it will disappear (eg a car accident) and the software still treats it as a stopper although it can guess that in three hours everything will be OK.