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What is Copatents.com?

Collabarate Patents. We all have excellent ideas here and there. This is the place to share these ideas with the world, and help make the world a better place!

Someone has been thinking about it ...

We usually say - "Has anyone considered the idea, why bother ...". So, it turns out that person was - it is you! Write down your excellent idea now!

What am I, a sucker?

Why should I give the opportunity to make millions of my innovative idea? You're right! If there is a chance to turn your idea to the product that can sell - do it! Do not abandon your idea on copatents.com site!

So what is this site?

For most of us. After all, with the majority of our ideas we do not do anything. We have no time or desire to begin to deal with areas that are not in the field we are dealing. These ideas - must be released!

You can earn from money?

Yes, some. if you someone else will wont to make the product and ask us to delete you idea to have less competitors, we will give you 60% of the money. But it's not the point. The point is we want to do good for the world, and we know that really we have nothing to lose.

Are there any legal means to register my idea patented free site?

When you write an idea. you basically waive any legal right on your idea, unless you put it in a real patent. Although you may not lose copyright, if it were written - as an idea to a movie or song. Also, you may be prevents others to patent the idea.

How the site can help me, as an entrepreneur?

Do you someone that all the time is looking for the next big idea? You will find here a sea of ​​original ideas, innovative and creative, donated by the best minds in favor of the world! we are waiting for you to raise the glove!