Registration for class action


Each month, the court receive dozens of "class action" which is not worth a single person to sue the company due to small amount, but for a group of people it is worth to sue the company. Therefore, a single man or group of people suing the company and if it is successful they get serious money and other should also receive compensation.

The problem that no one has an interest that the rest of the people will receive compensation:

The company, wants to pay as little as possible

The prosecutor did not want another headache (I tried to contact the lawyers and did not really talked to me).

The other victims, they have no strength to follow suit.

And the court does not do it, especially the claim was settled.

The idea is to set up an office that people can sign up and it will monitor the prosecution and for the percentage of the compensation (which is not much, but it does not require a lot of work and it accumulates) will follow suit and take care of compensation.